Heads up all you married people! Researchers at the University of Virginia's National Marriage Project may have finally figured out the secret to a happy marriage, and it's really a no-brainer.

The researchers had asked more than 2,800 married people about "the presence of generosity" in their relationships with their spouses. The New York Times reports that for the purposes of the study, "generosity" was defined as "the virtue of giving good things to one's spouse freely and abundantly."

Those who reported being in these generous relationships had higher levels of satisfaction with their love lives. The researchers also found that high levels of marital generosity were able to overcome a dearth of other factors many would consider essential for wedded bliss; 6% of men and 7% of women who participated in the study reported very high levels of satisfaction with their partners despite of having low sexual satisfaction. All of them had high generosity levels. And the benefit of generosity was especially pronounced in couples with kids. Dr. W. Bradford Wilcox, said of the findings:
In marriage we are expected to do our fair share when it comes to housework, child care and being faithful, but generosity is going above and beyond the ordinary expectations with small acts of service and making an extra effort to be affectionate. Living that spirit of generosity in a marriage does foster a virtuous cycle that leads to both spouses on average being happier in the marriage.