Iran has long been known for it's widespread online censorship and access to social networking websites. However, the government is now willing to make an exception in order to boost falling marriage rates among locals.

According to The Guardian, Sports and Youth minister Mohammad Abbasi told reporters on Tuesday that the government is especially worried about the latest marriage trends in Iran, including the fact that people in certain parts of the country are marrying and divorcing later.  As a means to make marriage in vogue again, they have announced that spouse-triangulating websites might be fair game:
"To tackle this problem," he explained, "we have to find new ways and use all our opportunities to promote a long-lasting and easy marriage."
No word on whether this will really get Iranians interested in getting hitched, but it might be a sneaky way for the government to keep their popyulation in check. Back in July, supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had announced the government's decision to slash the country's birth-control programmes and said that the move would help the population go up to 200 million.

Image via AP