Don't feel bad about using your ipad to distract your kid. According to a new survey, more parents are slowly turning to apps on tablets and mobile phones in order to babysit their kids.


The survey commissioned by Qualcomm revealed that 53% of parents with children ages 13 or under use mobile technology to calm their children, while nearly 74% of them have downloaded apps specifically for their children. Tim McDonough, vice president of marketing at Qualcomm, shared his thoughts about the findings by telling Mashable:
“my little boys learned their multiplication tables through playing a game on a smartphone.

“At a very simple level I think that parents are realizing smartphones are becoming tools they can use to help entertain and educate their kids and to stay connected with them.”
If you're worried about your devices getting wrecked, only 22% of those surveyed said that their children damaged or lost their mobile device while playing with it (kids will be kids). But one thing that tech-savvy parents should always remember is to protect your data; more than half of parents surveyed say they keep their devices password-protected.

image via strategistkandarp