Imagine stepping into a women's restroom only to be greeted by a giant machine that dispenses pregnancy tests. Bet that would make you think twice about downing another margarita.

This idea was introduced by Jody Allen Crowe, a founder of the nonprofit Healthy Brains for Children whose goal is to spread awareness about the risks of consuming alcohol while pregnant and reduce the chances of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Crowe also hopes that having such pregnancy test dispensers will help reduce the stigma of discussing prenatal alcohol consumption:
It's an epidemic. The amount of prenatal exposure to alcohol is really not something people talk about because it's such a guilt-ridden type of discussion.
A bar in Minnesota called Pub 500 became the first to install such dispensers. The tests cost a mere $3, which is significantly less than those sold at drug stores. If proven successful, there are future plans to install them in all sorts of public places like gas stations and  fitness bars.

A CDC report released in July shows that about one in 13 women take to their cups while pregnant, while some recent studies have questioned how dangerous it is for pregnant women to consume alcohol.