Here's a scary thought: Are Facebook games turning kids into gamblers? The internet might be just a little better than a highly addictive drug, and now, some concerned authority figures are worried that Facebook is turning kids into gamblers and setting them up for the habit in the future.

The Telegraph reports that our children are falling victim to the seemingly innocent games on Facebook, including roulette, slot machines and card games. These free games, warn concerned observers such as the University of Salford's Dr. Carolyn Downs, lead young, impressionable minds to believe that gambling is just harmless fun, which in turn creates a pattern of gambling behavior.

The legal age in the U.K and in most Asian countries is 18, but Facebook users only need to certify that they are 13 years old to join the network, and to play games like Facebook Poker with zero dollars at stake.

According to policy and development director Mandy Barrie, "There is a link between early exposure to gambling and developing a problem in adulthood."

What do you think? Should there be some kind of regulation against these kind of games regardless of how "harmless" they may seem to be?