China has sent six astronauts to space already. Now, they're going to send another, this time, a woman. Among the crew will be the country's first female astronaut. The country will send three "taikonauts" on a docking mission to Tiangong-1, the country's Earth orbiting space station.

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The upcoming Shenzhou 9 mission is expected to launch in mid-June, possibly as early as June 16, to dock with China's first space station test module, Tiangong 1, which is already in orbit.

One of the three Chinese astronauts... will be chosen from two women candidates — Liu Yang and Wang Yaping — according to Chinese state news agency Xinhua. Both candidates are members of the Chinese Air Force's Wuhan Flight Unit.

"They are selected as members of the first batch of female astronauts in China because of their excellent flight skills and psychological quality," Xinhua reported.

Top image via Xinhuanet