Here's a little update on that story about the disgruntled maid who was arrested after spiking her Singaporean employer's coffee with her menses.


The 24-year-old maid named Jumiah had worked in the household since July 2011. According to court documents, the victim's mother was "very demanding" and would make the maid re-do her work if it fell below expectations. Jumiah had requested for a change of employer but was rejected.

More details from Channel News Asia, although we recommend you read it after you finish your cup of coffee:
So the maid resorted to mixing her menstrual discharge with her employer's coffee as she remembered being told by a friend that the mixture would make a person nicer.

She stored her discharge in a plastic bottle for 5 days before serving it to the victim.
Jumiah was finally caught after the bottle was discovered by the victim's mother. During court proceedings, the maid claimed she was "very remorseful" and has" apologised over the foolish act". She pleaded for leniency so she can go back home for Hari Raya. The district judge then decided to sentence her behind bars for a month in order to deter other maids from repeating the disgusting act.