Let's not stop at Tupac. Or crappy spoof John Mayer. The hologram trend has plans now to bring back another late icon: Marilyn Monroe.

THR reports Monroe (who would have turned 86 Friday) is the center of an upcoming show with the working title "Virtual Marilyn Live -- A Musical Celebration of the Birth of the Pop Icon".

In other recent news, Usher will dance with fan holograms during his upcoming June 11th concert, which will be streamed live on YouTube.

Other names being floated (by THR) for hologram consideration include Jimmy Stewart, Marlon Brando and Haank Aaron, because celebrities never really die. They just go away for a long time.

And its not hard to imagine why this is happening. Holograms are big business. The potential earnings for the estates of dead celebrities could bolster them. Forbes reports Michael Jackson's estate raked in $170 million and Elvis Presley's brought in $55 million. Monroe dialed up a still-impressive $27 million.

Just what would a hologram Marilyn be doing? One has to wonder. For now, no one knows just yet.