Where would the internet be if not for these whacky beauty aids from Japan? And the latest fad making headlines around the web is this kooky looking mask called the Pin Up! Face Supporter.

According to the product site, the mask which retails for $110  promises to keep your facial skin tight and taut as you sleep. The red tape wrapped around the head is lined with germanium and a special type of white charcoal called 'binchoutan,' which works its wonders by retaining heat to ward off sagging. Here's more on how it works:
'Simply fasten the straps behind your ears and give your face a work out! Don't worry, this isn't going to tire you out. Just open and close your mouth for ten minutes each day and you will notice the results.'
While it's still a cheaper alternative to plastic surgery, you might achieve the same results by wrapping a bunch of thongs around your head.