The Hermès Birkin is every fashionistas dream bag. First introduced to pop culture by a certain Sex & The City episode in which Samantha uses client Lucy Liu's name to get to the top of the wait-list:

Named after Swinging London It-Girl Jane Birkin, the high price tag ($9,000 to $150,00 in-store) and a long waiting list makes this much sought-after celebrity bag very elusive indeed. And since Hermès doesn't sell Birkins online or via phone, that makes it that much more difficult for customers who don't live in major cities. But flash-sale on online stores have made it easier to obtain one. But at what cost?

Apparently, since demand is high, these outlets don't think twice about selling the coveted bags secondhand at outrageous prices.One of the medium (35 cm) styles, sold in-store for $8,800, was sold for $11,000 on MyHabit. On Gilt, 35 cm go for $13,500 and 40 cm for $15,500.  Rarer styles can go for up to $56,000! As Tina Craig, founder and editor-in-chief of Bag Snob, puts it (via Buzzfeed):
"I know women who have paid $100,000 online for a crocodile bag. The market can take these prices. But I wouldn't pay them. I don't think that it's necessary to pay that premium," she says. "To me, that's the ultimate fashion victim."
Some critics state that they're willing to pay these high mark-ups for the status of owning these bags. But it really makes you wonder just how much in denial these die-hard Birkin fans are about getting screwed over.