According to an incredibly depressing 2007 study, the average bride wants to lose about 20 pounds before walking down the aisle. As if there aren't enough things to stress about before the Big Day, now a new article on the New York Times shows just how far brides-to-be will go to appear picture perfect for their wedding album.

The new generation of unhealthy weight loss tools includes this one lady who underwent the extreme drip tube diet, which involved a feeding tube installed in her nose that would drip few calories per day into her mouth. Other crazy diets include prescriptions and shots, expensive cleanses like the infamous "Master Cleanse" where instead of food, you survive on a ridiculous cayenne pepper concoction for 10 days!

Some blame this trend on on increased visibility and worship of celebrity culture, particularly celebrity weddings. Doctors are pretty concerned about these brides modeling their diets after celebrities.

Another part of the pre-wedding fat madness can be blamed squarely on the wedding dresses themselves. Dress sizes run small, which means a size 6 woman might have to opt for a size 10. And that can be a pretty big blow for a a bride-to-be's self-esteem.