A few years ago, a story of twins born to mixed-race parents made headlines around the world due to the fact they looked alike but had very different skin tones.

Turns out that since both parents have mixed-race genes, that resulted in one girl inheriting all-white genes and the other all-black genes. Experts say the odds of that happening are approximately a million to one.

Now at 7-years-old, little Kian and Remee still look very much alike, except for the colors of their eyes, hair, and skin. Their mother Kylee remembers the day they were born (via Big Wife):
‘I noticed that both of them had beautiful blue eyes,’ she said.

‘But while Remee’s hair was blonde, Kian’s was black and she had darker skin. To me, they were my kids and they were just normal. I thought they would start to look the same as time went on.’

Time, however, only accentuated their differences. Kian’s eyes changed colour and her skin got darker. Remee’s complexion got lighter and her curly hair stayed blonde. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Kylee found herself fielding questions about whose children they were, or who Kian’s fair-haired friend was, when she pushed them in their side-by-side buggy.

‘People would ask me why I dressed the children the same,’ Kylee said. ‘I’d just say: “because they’re twins,” and leave people to work it out. It kind of irritated me at first, but everyone in my area got to know they were twins and accepted it. It was only strangers or outsiders who didn’t know.’