A recent poll conducted by the Vitality Show (a UK-based wellness event for women) on 3,000 British women about their make-up habits revealed that over 50% women said that they are more than happy to show their makeup-free faces to close friends, family members and significant others.

But when it comes to the workplace or romantic encounters, makeup supposedly can make or break a woman’s confidence.  About 91% of confessed they would rather cancel a first date than go fresh-faced. And more than two-thirds of the gals revealed they would be too scared to go to work without makeup.

And if you think that's strange, a total of 31% of women said that they wouldn’t even exercise at the gym without touching up their faces and over 16% put on makeup just to answer the door! And if this sounds a lot like yourself, perhaps you can start changing your habit by asking someone to stash away your makeup kit.