In a new book written by historian Angela Davis, she talked with moms about the advice of six parenting experts through the ages. Seems that within last fifty years or so, moms have had to face a deluge of contradicting advice, with the only thing being constant is the message that if you do any little thing wrong, then you are to blame for messing up your kids.

Davis also points out that parenting advice is "cyclical," meaning that it constantly swings from being strict with your kids, to a more hands off approach before switching right back to strictness again. Some women who had seen this parenting pendulum swing back and forth over the course of their lives said they "were still unsure of what had really been the best approach." Here's the summary of her findings:
Despite all the differences in advice advocated by these childcare ‘bibles' over the years, it is interesting that they all have striking similarities in terms of how the experts presented their advice. Whatever the message, the advice was given in the form of an order and the authors highlighted extreme consequences if mothers did not follow the methods of childrearing that they advocated.
Maybe it's time all these parenting experts stop trying to preach on the "best" way to be a mom and just let moms do their thing.

via ScienceDaily