Did you know that China has more self-made female billionaires than any other country in the world? That's what "Tiger Mom" Amy Chua is saying in this recent Newsweek article which profiles four Chinese lady tycoons. She writes:
"This is not only because China has more females than any other nation. Many of these extraordinary women rose from nothing, despite living in a traditionally patriarchal society. They are a beguiling advertisement for the New China-bold, entrepreneurial, and tradition-breaking."
Each of these ladies have earned their way to the top rather than inherited it. There's Zhang Xin, a factory worker turned glamorous real-estate billionaire; talk-show mogul Yang Lan; restaurant tycoon Zhang Lan, who as a girl slept between a pigsty and a chicken coop; and Peggy Yu Yu, cofounder and CEO of one of China’s biggest online retailers.

So how about a round of applause for the few female Chinese billionaires out there for beating the inconceivable odds and making tons of cash while they're at it?