Imagine having to put up with 15 feet worth of nails and toenails. That's the story of Ayanna, who is the latest to be featured on My Strange Addiction. She has to walk on her heels and go up and down stairs sideways, spends $200 a week on mani/pedis and is unable to sleep on her back or wear socks or closed-toe shoes.

Ayanna's addiction to her toenails is not so much bizarre as they are deadly. She's struggle with the idea of having to trim her toenails, saying that they're "just sexy and sassy." This willingness to inconvenience herself and needlessly risk her health has become a cause of concern to her loved ones.

In addition to all of that, she has diabetes, and her toenails prohibit her from getting the exercise she needs to stay healthy, since she can't run. It's sad really.

via Daily Mail