A woman on a first date reportedly ended up being tricked into becoming a getaway driver after her date robbed a betting shop in Wales.

Leah Gibbs (above-right), a 23-year-old mother from South Wales, went on a date with Adam Minton (above-left), 21, after meeting him on Facebook. During the date, he asked her to drop him off at a betting shop while she waited in the car. A few minutes went by before Minton suddenly ran out with a knife in one hand and a bag of money. He jumped into the car, screaming, "Drive, drive, drive!" which is exactly what she did.

According to The Daily Mail, Minton and Gibbs drove back to his house, and that's when "she decided the date was over."  Unfortunately for her, the saga was far from over. They were eventually both arrested and Gibbs was held in custody throughout the evening until Minton confessed that he had acted alone.

Minton reportedly racked up debt due to a cocaine addiction and was sentenced to four and a half years for the crime. And you thought you had dating horror stories...