China's latest scandal involves a jealous husband is accused of attacking his wife and tattooing the word "degrading" onto her face.


According to sources, the couple who had been married since 2006 and have two children together fought bitterly on March 30th after the man had suspected his wife of having an affair. During this particularly bitter row, the husband "decided to disfigure" his wife to release his anger and to make her make her ugly to prevent her from having affairs.

Here is where it gets brutal: After tying his wife up and cutting characters into her face, Wei rubbed ashes into the wound to create the rudimentary tattoo. The horrific scars are also said to read "cheap" or "lowly," depending on the translation. Even more surprising is that the husband claims that she herself "chose" to be disfigured:
The police in charge of this case told the reporter, those so-called "choices" were: 1. Xiaowei gets a vasectomy and stays home to take care of the children instead of going out for work; 2. Xiaowei's lover gives 1 million RMB to Wei Shengxiong; 3. Xiaowei, her lover and Wei Shengxiong goes to court to solve this problem; 4. Wei Shengxiong is to disfigure Xiaowei and break her leg. Wei Shengxiong kept emphasizing to the police that Xiaowei chose to be disfigured.
In a statement, the wife said "All I want to do is to get a divorce and get plastic surgery. My figure has already been destroyed. I have to wear a mask when I go out."