When it comes to being ill, men and women have very different perceptions of what goes on during cold and flu season. A new poll suggests that women think their dudes are exaggerating symptoms in order to get attention or sympathy. They're also said to care less for their "sick" partners.

The survey stats which are supposed to be true:
Some 53 per cent of women think their man overplays his symptoms, while only 20 per cent of men accuse their partner of the same crime.

...Some 89 per cent of men look after their other half when she is ill, compared to 83 per cent of women.

...Just over half of women say they want their partner to give them sympathy and make them a meal.

A third of women are keen to be bought a cold or flu remedy and 17 per cent just want people to stop fussing over them.

However, 41 per cent of men want to be bought medication when they are ill and 42 per cent want sympathy.

29 per cent want to be cooked a meal while another 29 per cent just want to be left alone.

...The study also found that 29 per cent of men think their partner makes a bigger fuss when she is ill than they do.

By comparison, 67 per cent of women think their partner makes more fuss than they do.
Who are these people?! Women we know seem to be overly concerned when their men get the bug, while men try to man it up and carry on as fit, until they fall extremely ill a few days later. But who knows, maybe there are men who like to play sick so their girlfriends or wives pay them more attention.

There's a simple solution for all this. If your partner is sick, show the poor dog a little more concern. Mistrust can be dangerous, plus having a sick man around the house will also affect your health - and you don't want that. Unless you're looking for some sympathy too.

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