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Now this is a shocker. Could Khloe Kardashian be O.J. Simpson's daughter? The National Enquirer is claiming that she is. According to them:

"O.J. believes Khloe is his natural-born daughter through his affair with Kris Jenner when she was married to his buddy Robert Kardashian - and he wants to do something about it," revealed an insider.

Although he's been crying poor mouth, Simpson has actually stashed away more than $2 million in secret Cayman Islands bank accounts - and he has millions more coming to him over the years through his NFL pension. Now O.J. wants to make sure Khloe gets part of it. But when he told his four children - Arnelle, 43, Jason, 42, Sydney, 26, and Justin, 24 - he was including Khloe in his will, all hell broke loose.

"At first they thought he was just making a big joke, but when they realized he was serious, they were flabbergasted," said the source. "They are furious and wonder why they have to share the wealth with a complete stranger."

What do you think? Does she look a little like O.J.? Could it also explain the sasquatch size? What do you think? Let us know!

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