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Making our pages two times in a week, Josh Hutcherson first caught our attention when he bought Heath Ledger's tree house. Suddenly, all that influx of cash has made him, famous. We didn't really pay much attention to him in Hunger Games, and we suppose he's replaceable. Because apparently he's now trying to get into Jennifer Lawrence's pants.

Josh Hutcherson shot to stardom via the record-breaking blockbuster The Hunger Games. But he's still trying to boost his celebrity status - by chasing costar Jennifer Lawrence! "He's really pissing her off," says a source. "He harasses her to go to dinner, and stresses her out. And he gets annoyed when she turns him down." (Print Edition - 5/28)

Take a chill pill, Josh. We saw you in Journey 2 and didn't like your character almost immediately. We doubt you should take that sort of behavior to Jennifer Lawrence.