A video of a defenseless Fuzhou schoolgirl getting beaten up by four other girls and a boy has emerged, and though the identities of some of the attackers seem to have been learned, nothing has been done to serve them justice.

The video was apparently taken in May of last year, and sadly, the victim has been since forced to live in fear, avoiding school before she finally graduated from junior high and started work at a fast food restaurant.

The said video (shown at link) shows the group viciously ganging up on the victim, who does nothing to defend herself. And although she gets brutally beaten up, slapped around and taunted in front of what seems to be a group of bystanders, nobody comes to her rescue. This incident is one of the many other schoolgirl beatings in China.

The female bullies even had the balls to threaten the victim's father when he confronted them after learning of the incident after a year.

Though the video has been seen by thousands, the harshest known punishment received was the gang leader getting expelled from school, before returning again recently.

So what did the victim do to piss them off so much? Apparently all she did was stare at them, and not say hi to them in school.

The sad thing about this whole incident is the fact that teenagers can be so violent and vicious. An even more pathetic thing is that somebody would take a video of it, spreading it around the internet, with the shooter laughing in her face. These kids clearly need more than a mere expulsion that involves like, juvenile or mental centers.

[via ChinaHush]