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Leo DiCaprio's girlfriends have one thing in common. They're blond, tall, and have at more than one point posed in bikinis. Leo's latest squeeze is just the same, in the form of Erin Heatherton. But this one may have cursed him from her being too thoughtful. From the National Enquirer:

Rightly superstitious Leonardo Dicaprio freaked when model galpal Erin Heatherton waltzed into his pad and plunked a golden plastic Oscar statuette on his dresser just days before nominations were announced - and told him that's how absolutely sure she felt that he'd win the REAL solid gold for his title role as the FBI's legendary leader in "J. Edgar." Agitated, Leo howled: "Ohmigod! Get that out of here. You're going to jinx the whole thing!" Snatching up Fake Golden Guy and handing it back to Erin, he told her to dispose of it quick! But…too late, Leo. Your worst fears realized! (Print Edition - 2/20)

Oh no Erin. Didn't you know that you'll never be good enough for Leo's mom? When dating Leo, it's best to run through a list of dos and don'ts with him and his mother or you'll never get anywhere with this paranoid modelizer.