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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood apparently tried to commit suicide on Tuesday morning because she thought her boyfriend, Gary Shirley was cheating on her.

Yup, the ass you see pulling some McDs out of his car with a butt crack twice the size of the Grand Canyon is so much worth killing yourself over. RadarOnline says:

“Gary thought he lost his iPhone last week but he’d actually left it at Amber’s house,” a source close to the situation told us.

“Amber managed to crack his password and went through his phone. She found a bunch of messages from other girls and even pictures that girls had sent him!”

… But an apology wouldn’t cut it for Amber when it came to what she found on his cell phone.

“Amber went ballistic and confronted Gary about it,” the source said.

“Then she smashed his iPhone to pieces so he still had to end up getting a new phone!”

Amber’s recent suicide attempt comes on the heels of this showdown between lovers — with some reports citing cheating as the reason for her actions.

Some people really don't know what they got till it's... bending over. Is it me or does it look like a clitoris? Gary Shirley has a clitass?!